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Join us on Saturday, April 18 as CPC brings the 2020 Tea & Auction to the web!

CLICK HERE for important links and information to participate in the Virtual Tea and Auction


33 years of stories about amazing people coming together to support the life-affirming mission of the Community Pregnancy Center.

33 years of people sharing their creativity and heart for the unborn.

Each “Tea” has allowed CPC to play a part in thousands of stories of women and men making not only a choice for life for their unborn child, but an ABUNDANT LIFE for their family.

With a long story like this one – we won’t let the corona virus keep us down.  GOD HAS WORK FOR US TO DO!  How?  We “reboot” by making a few changes, and take the 33rd Annual Lunch, Tea & Auction ONLINE.  We look forward to you joining us on SATURDAY, APRIL 18 (note a new date) at 12:00 noon in the comfort of your own house!

Join us online to be a part of continuing the stories the Community Pregnancy Center is a part of every day.

The “Tea” will be streamed on YouTube Live.  (You will be able to interact with us in real time through the comments section).

If you are unable to join us on the 18th – it will be available on YouTube to watch at your convenience!

The Auction will move to a separate online auction service and be open over the weekend.

Please check this site or the Friends of CPC Facebook page for updates, or contact Anjali at development@cpcanchorage.com or 337-9292.

Let us know you are interested in joining us so we can provide you with updated information including the YouTube and Auction links.