Video & Music Resources for Sanctity of Human Life Month

Free Videos and Sermons Examples

These videos and sermons are meant to be helpful and give you some ideas for how to speak up about the Sanctity of Human Life, in a loving and truthful way.

Songs of Inspiration

We hope these songs inspire you.

Phil King Song – Not Forgotten
Phil King wrote this song following the passing of New York’s 2019 Abortion Law.  This song is about the many lives lost as a result of abortion.

Matthew West Song – Unplanned
Matthew West wrote this song in conjunction with the movie Unplanned.

Don’t forget to take a look at all the other resources we are also offering this year. We have ways to get involved in the community and how to pray for CPC,  a seven day devotional, a fact sheet about the impact of abortion nationally and in Alaska, as well as brochures and materials about the Center and the resources we can offer and so much more.